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About Me

Greetings, I am happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself and excited to learn about you and your aspirations. I have been coaching most of my adult life. Anything from football, basketball, fine arts performance, career, marriage and family, and executive coaching.

Expanded Bio 

Currently, in addition to executive coaching, I also am a family therapist trainer and consultant. The road here has been an interesting one and very winding to say the least. I was fortunate to be awarded a voice performance scholarship which allowed me to attend school. I still enjoy music today playing guitar and mandolin. Early on in my college career I came to the realization that while music is fun and rewarding it wasn’t the career direction I would pursue. Eventually I went on to earn a master’s degree in psychology and ultimately another master’s and a Doctorate in Business Administration. I eventually received a clinical license in the states of Florida and Alaska (that’s a whole other story).


Long story shortened; I had a goal of becoming a CEO of a company that I did not start. That would happen for me in 1995, when I became the CEO of a Behavioral Healthcare organization offering clinical and educational services for kids and adults in all settings including inpatient, residential and outpatient. We were also granted a Charter School contract and operated a Charter School for 12 years. I have always enjoyed being a part of helping others reach for their potential by assisting to clear away the brush and make the pathway clear. One of the things I find that is critical for everyone from kids to the highest-level executive is effective communication. By that I mean not only what we say, but more importantly what message is received.


I remember one year when I was coaching a group of 8-year old’s in football. We won every game leading up to the final one of the season. Before the game I gave my best speech, passionately communicating that a chance at an undefeated season is rare at any level, and if we accomplished that today, together, we would remember it for the rest of our lives. I can still remember becoming more and more fired up and excited as I delivered my best pre-game talk. When I finished, one of the kids raised his hand and I called on him thinking for sure he would continue to hype up his team. At that moment, he asked, “Coach, who’s bringing snack today.” We lost the game, but it gave me an illustration I have used more times than I can count.


I hope you will allow me to help you and be part of your great success story. I would like to ask you though to pretend for a moment that you have elected to enlist my assistance as your executive coach, and it is now a year later. You are thinking to yourself that going through the coaching process is the best decision you have ever made. What has occurred that causes you to feel that way?

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Free Consultation

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Credibility & Credentials

Master’s Degree in Psychology
Master’s Degree in Business Administration
Doctorate Degree in Business Administration
Licensed Clinician
Certified Clinical Consultant
Certified APA Diplomate
Certified Executive Leadership Coach
Certified Success Coach
Certified Professional Coach

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