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Emory Welch

Executive Leadership Coach

With more than 30 years as a licensed clinician, 20 years as a CEO and C-Suite level executive, and an additional 7 years as a consultant and coach, I will utilize assessment, inquiry, dialogue, on time appraisal, and general motivational techniques that interweave into a proven process to not only help you to be the most effective executive you can be, but also enhance life outside of work.

Areas of Expertise


Business and Executive

Consulting and Coaching
Psychology and Motivation
Marriage and Family Coaching



Emory Welch is one of the most proficient and personable coaches with whom I have ever had the joy to consult. He has helped my business on numerous occasions. In this, he has a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and perceptively. His professionalism and his concern for each and every individual is evident in all that he does.  In a competitive world, it is rare that such competence and congeniality commingle. Succinctly, Emory Welch is who I would call in a critical situation where my whole business depends on my next decision. 

JE, Vice President

Business Development

We found all the coaching topics to be quite valuable. To be totally up front, Emory asks the tough questions. If I had to zero in on a couple, the coaching around the budget process and risk taking was incredible. To be able to gain insight as to how to integrate the budgeting process into operations so that it actually increases team adhesiveness and functionality was by itself worth 10 times the cost of coaching. When you add in the value of the new perspective and understanding of how to evaluate and present risk taking to internal and external constituents, the ROI for the coaching is unmatched.


Emory is incredibly patient and shows a genuine interest in his clients.  His practical approach to solving problems offers clear strategies to address the client's needs.  He gives feedback that allows me to build on my strengths, while also providing tools and suggestions that sharpen my skills in other areas, helping me to become more effective at my job.  It is empowering to know that I am growing as a professional and as a person.  I am grateful for the support, tools, and expertise provided by Emory.

*Please note that a high value is placed on confidentiality.

Reviews and testimonies are greatly appreciated but we will never reveal your name or company name.

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