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Grab your Edge with ExecXcell

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The IntroEDGE™ Online Program provides students with a combination of coaching exercises and video lessons taught by Berry Fowler, the founder of Sylvan® Learning Centers, and the Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching.

With over 40 years of global educational course development, Berry personally designed this course to include 12 step-by-step video lessons and exercises that will train, educate, and coach students to deliver an amazing first impression.


I have been personally trained by Berry Fowler on the IntroEDGE™ system and how to provide coaching through the premier form of delivery through one-on-one coaching.

Maximize your IntroEDGE™ experience by working through the course with me as your IntroEDGE™ Success Coach. I have had the privilege of coaching countless students through our one-on-one program. Let me support you in your transformation as you discover your IntroEDGE™.


IntroEDGE™ Online Self-Directed Program



 Lifetime access to course materials

 12 video lessons that students and professionals can re-watch any time

Unlimited phone, email, and text support

10-Day money-back guarantee

No additional charges for online course updates, as they become available

Special Pricing on IntroEDGE professional video production at the time of purchase

IntroEDGE™ Online One-to-One Coaching Program



 Everything in Self-Directed Program plus:

 6 one to one coaching sessions

Immediate feedback and support from your coach

Tips on how to answer the most frequently asked questions during the interview process

Personal networking tips and ideas on how to maximize your introduction

 Discounts for additional coaching sessions


To see if there's a mutual fit and an overview of what you'll get.

Get your Free 30-Minute 

Strategy Session Today!

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