Synopsis of Executive Coaching Modules


Understanding of Hard and Soft skills and determining client’s areas of need.

Actions and Behaviors (Strengths)

A process that assists the client in identifying and highlighting the strengths of individual team members. Also, how to get the most out of each team member.

Actions and Behaviors (Praise)

Understanding what to look for when catching individual team members doing something right and then using that to strengthen their competence. Also, learning how to build on what is going well with the team.

Actions and Behaviors (Ask)

Learning and applying the skill of asking the most effective questions to get to the "heart" of the issue.

Actions and Behaviors (What to do)

Learn the skills and process needed for effectively dealing with non-constructive or even destructive behaviors while enhancing your team in the process.

Alignment (Discussion)

Assists the executive with gaining an understanding of their corporate environment and a process for ensuring that they and their team are aligned with corporate objectives.

Alignment (Checklist)

A detailed way to make sure everyone is working towards the same goals and objectives.


Assists the client with turning the budget process into a living way of enhancing the success of the company. The client will gain an understanding of how to make this an ongoing vehicle as opposed to a time-crunched, "get my budget done" experience with little overall benefit to the good of the organization